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List of HP: HP Certification Exams

List of Exams Q&As Updated Price
HP2-B142 HP Indigo 7900 Level 2 Operator Certification 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H41 Selling Imaging and Printing Fundamentals 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H49 Selling HP Education Solutions 2017 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP3-C49 HP Latex 300 Service and Support 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP3-C51 Servicing and Supporting SD Scanners for HP Design 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP3-C52 Servicing and Supporting HP DesignJet T920 and T15 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP5-B14D Selling HP Printing Services - Delta for EMEA and APJ only 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H55 Implementing HP Thin Client Solutions 2017 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H57 Selling HP Latex Entry Solutions 2017 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H58 Selling HP Latex Value Solutions 2017 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H59 Selling HP Latex Mid-Volume and Flatbed Solutions 2017 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H60 Selling HP End Point Security Solutions 2018 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP4-H56 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2017 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H63 HP Endpoint Security for Personal Systems TCs 2018 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H64 HP Endpoint Security for Print TCs 2018 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP5-C01D Selling HP Personal Systems Services 2018 delta 0 10-May-2022 $450
HP2-H66 Selling HP Education Solutions 2018 reinforcement 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H70 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (WW) 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H71 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (France) 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H72 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (Belgium) 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H73 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (Germany) 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H74 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (Sweden) 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H75 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (UK) 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H76 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (AU and NZ) 0 11-May-2022 $450
HPE2-CP03 Implementing HPE Cloud Solutions 0 11-May-2022 $450
HPE2-CP06 Optimizing Oracle and SQL Server Solutions 0 11-May-2022 $450
HPE2-CP07 Using Containers for HPE Hybrid IT 0 11-May-2022 $450
HPE2-CP09 Optimizing Data Protection for Hybrid IT 0 11-May-2022 $450
HPE2-CP10 Configuring HPE Pointnext Datacenter Care Services 0 11-May-2022 $450
HPE2-CP13 Configuring HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity Services 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H77 Selling HP Access Control 2019 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H79 Selling HP Security Manager 2019 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H83 Selling HP JetAdvantage Secure Print and Insights 2019 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H85 Selling HP Education Solutions 2019 0 11-May-2022 $450
HPE2-CP11 Optimizing HPE Cloud Solutions with Microsoft Azure 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP3-C50 Servicing and Supporting HP Designjet Z5400 - Z2100 0 11-May-2022 $450
HP2-H81 Selling HP Textile Printers 2019 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-H87 HP Managed Print Specialist Premier 2019 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP5-C04D HP Managed Print Specialist Select 2019 delta 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP5-C05D HP Managed Print Specialist Premier 2019 delta 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-H90 Selling HP Retail and Hospitality Solutions 2019 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP5-C06D Selling HP Retail and Hospitality Solutions 2019 delta 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-H95 Implementing Microsoft Collaboration Solutions 2019 0 12-May-2022 $450
HPE2-W03 Aruba Managed Service Provider Specialist Exam 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-H96 Selling HP Thin Clients 2019 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-I07 Selling HP Workpath apps 2020 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP5-C08D Selling HP Thin Clients 2019 delta 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-I05 Selling HP Personal Systems Security 2020 0 12-May-2022 $175
HP5-C09D Selling HP Personal Systems Security 2020 delta 0 12-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V12 Designing HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions 0 12-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V15 Delta - Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions 0 12-May-2022 $450
HPE2-E73 Selling the HPE Portfolio 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-H92 Selling HP Education Solutions 2020 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-H93 Selling MyQ Solutions 2020 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-I09 Implementing MyQ Solutions 2020 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-I02 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (UK) 0 12-May-2022 $450
HP2-I03 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (AU and NZ) 0 13-May-2022 $450
HP2-I04 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (other countries) 0 13-May-2022 $450
HP4-A06 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2020 (US) 0 13-May-2022 $450
HP2-I16 Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals (ONLINE) 0 13-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V16 Creating HPE Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions 0 13-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V19 Creating HPE Real Time Analytics Solutions with SAP HANA 0 13-May-2022 $450
HPE2-W06 Aruba Data Center Network Specialist Exam 0 13-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V20 Creating HPE Scale Out Storage Solutions 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I18 Selling HP Supplies 2020 (APJ) 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I19 Selling HP Textile Printers 2020 0 14-May-2022 $450
HPE0-J69 Delta - HPE Storage Solutions 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I20 Selling HP PS Security Services 2021 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I21 Selling HP Print Lifecycle Services 2021 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I22 Selling HP PS Lifecycle Services 2021 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I23 Selling HP DesignJet T-Series and Z-Series 2021 0 14-May-2022 $450
HPE6-A69 Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written Exam 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I24 Selling HP Print Support Services (Page MPS) 2021 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I25 Selling HP Print Managed Services (Component MPS) 2021 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I27 Introducing HP Contractual Business 2021 0 14-May-2022 $450
HP2-I26 Project Management Fundamentals (ONLINE) 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I30 Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2021 (US) 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE2-W08 Aruba Location Services Specialist Exam 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I31 Selling Latex Commercial Entry and Value 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I32 Selling Latex Commercial Productivity 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I33 Selling Latex Production Mid-Volume 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I34 Delivering PS Manageability Services (Onboarding-authorized) 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I35 Delivering PS Manageability Services (Subscription-authorized) 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I29 Selling HP Retail and Hospitality Solutions 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V21 Creating HPE VMware Solutions 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I28 Selling HP Workstations 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HP2-I36 Selling HP and Microsoft Education Solutions 2021 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V22 Creating HPE Microsoft Solutions 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE0-S59 HPE Compute Solutions 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE0-S60 Delta - HPE Compute Solutions 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE0-V23 Creating HPE Container Solutions 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE6-A83 Aruba Certified Network Security Professional Exam 0 15-May-2022 $450
HPE2-N69 Using HPE Cray AI Development Environment 0 16-May-2022 $450

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